The jakkid files is a collection of abandoned story ideas by jakkid166.

List of abandoned ideas Edit

The abandoned ideas include:

  • "Steven Universe: Dawn of Rating", a Steven Universe fanfiction about the show becoming rated TV-MA. The beginning of this fanfiction was later adapted into Steven Universe: Human of Bad.
  • "Phoenix Wright Tan Attorney", a fanfiction where Phoenix Wright is murdered by Furio Tigre, who plans to take on clients and purposely lose the cases, getting them guilty verdicts.
  • "phoenix wright ace aoisi290olpdp", a fanfiction comprised almost entirely of gibberish. Only 4 lines long.
  • "pohoenix wright turnabout discord", a story based around the Ace Attorney Discord. It features various members from the chat and involves Phoenix himself coming across the discord only to witness the return of an old banned member. This member somehow manages to hack Discord and start wreaking havoc, but then the story suddenly devolves into gibberish due to jakkid accidentally making the story's Google doc publicly editable.
  • "tomodachi portal: a vinesauces story", a fic based around internet game streamer Vinny of streamer group Vinesauce. It has a total of four lines of story text, in which Vinny gets sucked into his Nintendo 3DS while playing Tomodachi Life.
  • "phoenix wright turnabout creppypasta", a creepypasta involving Phoenix Wright playing a haunted mario game that sucks him in and causes him to experience nightmarish visions.
  • "phoenix wright ace homeless", a much more well-developed story than the others that involves Phoenix getting disbarred and becoming homeless, and his adventures in trying to find a job.

Along with these ideas, some other rejected names for fanfictions are listed, as follows:

The Jakkid Interview Edit

The jakkid files also contain an interview with jakkid himself, conducted by an unknown person on Discord. It asks him about various questions regarding his writing process and why he writes things the way he does. As the person who conducted the interview did not want to be named, it is unknown who asked jakkid these questions, or if said interviewer even exists in the first place.