Phoenix Wright Turnabout Samurai is a main series Jakkid166 fanfiction.

Plot Edit

The story begins with Phoenix Wright in his home, kissing his safe full of money that he received in the previous story. Wright answers the door to find a Pizza delivery man there to deliver his order of cheesy breadsticks. Wright tips the man 500%, which prompts the man to reveal himself to be Samurai Jack. Jack explains that he needs to go back in time in order to stop Aku from taking over the world. Phoenix agrees to buy Jack a time portal so he can get home, but when he checks his safe, it is revealed that all his money has been stolen. All of a sudden, the police burst in and arrest Jack for supposedly stealing Wright's money. Wright visits Jack in prison and promises to defend him in court. In the courtroom, Aku is revealed to be acting as both the Judge and the Prosecution.

Characters Edit

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Samurai Jack
  • Aku
  • Dick Gumshoe

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