Not to be confused with Detective Jakkid166.

Jakkid166 is a fanfiction author who primarily writes Ace Attorney-based fanfiction, and is the main subject of this wiki. He claims to live in Ace Attorney World and writes stories about the various happenings there.

History Edit

Jakkid first appeared on on August 17, 2015, with the story Phoenix Wright SPEED Attorney. While his story did not gain much traction at first, he enjoyed a small amount of views when his story was posted in the Ace Attorney Sporking Thread on Court Records. The same situation happened with his second story, Phoenix Wright MUSHROOM Attorney. However, his first real surge in popularity came when his third story, Phoenix Wright Ace Christian, was made into a fan video by someone who had noticed his fanfictions in the sporking thread. After this and some of his subsequent stories were posted on reddit, jakkid gained a small following and ended up inspiring other authors to write in a similar style as him, such as barrylawn, icantyping, and acejakkidfan.

Jakkid's writing style slowly evolved over time. While his early stories mainly focused on nonsensical storylines, dialogue and a lack of capitalization, later stories introduced excessive swearing, more rampant typos, and a lack of intelligence and logic in characters' actions.

Trivia Edit

  • While he has his own character, Detective Jakkid166, as his self-insert, his appearance in Phoenix Wright On the Run seems to be as an entirely separate character. This is evidenced by the fact that Phoenix shoots and kills him, yet this isn't referred to in his Detective counterpart's later appearances. It could also be explained by jakkid's lack of consistent continuity.