Detective Jakkid166 go equestria now is a fanfiction by Jakkid166. It is his first fanfiction where he is the main character, and also his first fanfiction to be primarily a crossover with My Little Pony.

Plot Edit

The story begins with Detective Jakkid166 receiving a case from Damon Gant that details the murder of a pony. Investigating the crime, Detective Jakkid gets sucked into a portal and ends up in Equestria.

Trivia Edit

  • This is Jakkid's first fanfiction to not feature Phoenix Wright. It does, however, feature The Judge in a small role, thus making it still technically an Ace Attorney crossover fanfiction.
  • This is Jakkid's first story to be hosted on a site other than This is instead hosted on FimFiction, an MLP fanfiction site.
  • Due to FimFiction's bare minimum submission requirements, this story has significantly less typos than jakkid's other stories along with better grammar and punctuation. However, it remains just as nonsensical nonetheless.